What bra should I wear with my backless dress ?

Stylish and practical don't always go along....
Sometimes we fall for a gorgeous but hard-to-weat dress
And then comes the daunting quesiton that inevitably goes with it :
What bra should I wear  ?
Here are the best bras to wear with backless dresses

A convertible bra

with multiple positions

quel soutien gorge dos nu

Multi-positions Bra, Darjeeling

soutien gorge pour robe dos nu

EDEN bra, Simone Pérèle


    The Nu-Bra 

    The Wing Bra

    +1 for this front lace-up !
    quel soutien gorge robe dos nu

    A smart extension

    Just add it to any of your bras, and fasten it around your waist.

    soutien gorge attache taille

    Backless accessories, Simone Pérèle


    A Spanx bodysuit

    body robe dos nu

    A 3-in-1 bodysuit

    soutien gorge robe de soirée

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